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Doç. Dr. Sezer OKAY

Doç.Dr. Sezer OKAY

  İlgi Alanı         : Moleküler Mikrobiyoloji, Moleküler Genetik, Genetik Mühendisliği, Biyoteknoloji

  Anahtar Kelimeler: Rekombinant Aşı Geliştirme, Genomik, Transkriptomik, Biyoinformatik

  Research Interests: Molecular genetics and biochemistry of microorganisms, omics sciences, and bioinformatics. Ongoing studies are related with recombinant      subunit vaccine development against tuberculosis as well as deciphering the drug resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis using omics and bioinformatics tools. Besides, the tolerance mechanisms of the microorganisms to extreme environments are also being investigated. Collaborative studies are related with biotechnologically important enzymes, biopesticides, biological activities of plant extracts, molecular systematics, and food microbiology.





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Doç.Dr. Mine TÜRKTAŞ

 İlgi Alanı         : Bitki Moleküler Biyolojisi ve Genetiği, Biyoinformatik

  Anahtar Kelimeler: Bitki Moleküler Biyolojisi, Genomik, Transkriptomik, Dizi Analizi, Biyoinformatik

  Research Interests: My research interests are centered on plant comparative transcriptomics and genomics. Molecular biology applications for elucidation of genes and pathways affecting yield and quality in plants form the basis of my studies. Identification of olive oil biosynthesis pathway, drought and heat stress responsive genes in wheat, biosynthesis of secondary metabolites in poppy are the main topics I seek to answer. My research utilizes advanced molecular biology techniques, such as next generation sequencing, microarray, and bioinformatics tools for sequence analysis. Besides these, phylogenetics is the other research area of my interest.




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Araş. Gör. Dr. Dilek  ÇAM